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A week-long whirlwind of world class DJs and bands, in the idyllic alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria. Days are spent skiing, boarding, enjoying music on mountain top stages or relaxing in the spa of a luxury hotel. Nights deliver cutting edge performances in unique venues, from a sky high igloo, to an enchanted forest clearing. Regarded by many as... The Greatest Show on Snow. Mystical. Musical. Without Equal…

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The 2015 Road Trip is going Into The Wild!

Fancy being part of Europe’s silliest, daftest and most fun car rally? Do you yearn to be part of a lawless gang of miscreants with one sole purpose of fun on their minds? Do you hanker for the open road, do you dream of blue skies and long motorways… are you happy to live off [...] »

December’s Launch Party Round Up -Fez & Musika!

With the festive party season truly upon us, we’ve been gearing up to our April shindig in true ‘bomber style and bringing you a taster of what’s to come with our Launch Party Series. This month, we’ve been testing that chilly Northern air in Sheffield and Edinburgh in preparation for the Mayrhofen mountains. Here’s how [...] »

The Stream Team! Meet our Media partners…

“Snowbombing is an endurance event. A triathlon of Winter Olympic proportions: slopes in the morning, drinks in the afternoon and dancing all night long” We take our media partners seriously over at Snowbombing HQ. With clamouring from the finest magazines, blogs, periodicals, websites and newsletters from across the UK and Europe, a seat on the [...] »

Flights of the Week!

It’s that time of the week when we rummage around the internet to find you the best possible flights to SB15 as part of our 25 days of Christmas! As usual there is a selection of bargain flights going to Munich and Salzburg but we’ve also collected a selection of options for all you Europeans out there, making the (slightly [...] »

Snowbombing’s Boxpark Bash! Come party with us in London… FREE BEER!

Come and party with us after dark at our seasonal Snowbombing soiree, our big ‘bombing bash in the heart of the Big Smoke next week! Next Thursday 18th December, with Chrimbo just a mere 7 sleeps away, we’ll be taking over the awesome Boxpark in Shoredich, East London, to cut a Christmassy rug and begin [...] »

Beds of the Week!

Are beds at Snowbombing the must have item for Christmas 2014? It seems to be the case, as our pillows are flying out faster than the Buzz Lightyear dolls, Teletubbies, Cabbage Patch kids and Tamagotchis combined! We know there’s a legion of you out there still trying to find the best deal to book onto [...] »

Win a slap up meal for two on the mountain!

We’re knee deep into our 25 days of Christmas advent calendar by now… It’s day 9 and we’re feeling fine! To celebrate the fact we’re only 16 days away from Chrimbo, the ninth pit-stop on our awesome Christmas rally is really rather special. We’re offering a slap up meal for two at the incredible Schneekerhute [...] »

Flights of the Week!

As part of our 25 day Christmas advent calendar gift giveaways, we’re given you another present as we’ve done some hard work for you to find the cheapest flights from all over the UK and Europe in April so it’s easier than ever to make it to the Mayrhofen mountains! But act quick; as we know all good [...] »

There is no other festival in the world quite like Snowbombing. Here's to next year, and every year after that. Simply epic!

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