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We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that made Snowbombing 2014 the biggest and best yet! SB15 IS NOW ON SALE... Here's to the next Mayrhofen adventure!

Snowbombing is a festival filled with fresh air, blue skies, black runs and white hot parties… A week-long whirlwind of world class DJs and bands, in the idyllic alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria. Days are spent skiing, boarding, enjoying music on mountain top stages or relaxing in the spa of a luxury hotel. Nights deliver cutting edge performances in unique venues, from a sky high igloo, to an enchanted forest clearing. Regarded by many as... The Greatest Show on Snow. Mystical. Musical. Without Equal…

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Calling all Snowbombers, it’s time for ACHTUNG! The dates are set, we’ve shaken the chubby hand of Mayor of Mayrhofen, and made sure Hans has tripled his sausage production forecast because Snowbombing 2015 is NOW ON SALE! The reigning “Best Overseas Festival” is back in the game and looking meaner and leaner than ever! As William Blake said [...] »


At 11am today (Thursday 31st July), all of our best beds and early packages will be snapped up quicker than Hans the Butcher gobbling a schnitzel. So here are some insider tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the best bed in town… Strass is Class..  The Hotel Strass is the hub around [...] »


Secure your seat to the ‘Greatest Show on Snow’ What with booking every DJ worth their salt for Snowbombing 2015, our logistics team has been grabbing every seat, baby chair and animal cage available in order to get them all to Mayrhofen next April. They’ve also uncovered some super-bargain seats throughout their Ryan Air rummaging and Lufthansa [...] »

SB15 is 10 days from launching…

We’re moving mountains again! Our annual mission to the mountains each April may seem like an age off now…. However it’s time for ACHTUNG! Because SB15 is just 10 days away from launching. So that’s 10 days to gather the troops, 10 days to start counting your copper coins and 10 days to start to dream again [...] »


SB15 ON SALE THURSDAY 31st JULY The World Cup’s kicking off, Wimbledon’s  just around the corner. the summer buds are sprouting and that’s not all… We’re delighted to announce that Snowbombing 2015 will be going on sale on Thursday 31st July! So before you spend all your hard earned dough on overpriced beer watching the lads [...] »

Totes great quotes! Some thoughts on SB14 from Artists and Press

Big back-slap alert! We’ve compiled a few of the tastiest quotes out of the mouths of some of the 3459 (*not an exact number) artists who performed at SB14 into some handy bitesize chunks, so you can see what they really thought of their week in the Alps with us. Alongside this we’ve put together [...] »

Our Tyrolean Top 10: SB14′s best bits according to us…

Now a whole month has passed since a legion of revellers were roaming around Mayrhofen, we thought it apt that before preparations begin in vigour for 2015, we should look back at the event with the benefit of hindsight and pick out those golden moments that made Snowbombing, ahem, Snowbombing in 2014. From the mountain [...] »

Relive the magic of the Mountains with MTV!

Look mum, we’re on the telly! The worlds biggest music channel MTV were present at Snowbombing once again to capture all the magic from the mountains on our biggest year yet. Over the next two days they’ll be broadcasting a selection of amazing live gigs from the festival, including Chase and Status’ Live deconstruction of [...] »

There is no other festival in the world quite like Snowbombing. Here's to next year, and every year after that. Simply epic!

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